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Random Fiction Posting

For us random writers

Random-Assed Fiction Posting.
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This is a small community (which may or may not stay that way) designed mainly for, well, Random-Assed Fiction Posting. A place to get together and toss out fun little bits of fiction/story ideas/scraps/false starts/character sketches/et cetra for... well, whatever.

The rules are simple and few in number

1) Be considerate. Put sex, patently offensive concepts and graphic violence behind cuts.
2) Be cool. If someone posts something you take exception to, remember that you have the option to scroll past.
3) Be an adult. Tons of flaming just makes everyone mad. If you want them to friend-lock the post or whatever, tell them or MisterRage, your friendly (ha!) moderator.
4) Be respectful. Don't post things to rip on other people's hard work. If you must criticize, do so constructively, please.
5) Be coherant. If you're posting inside a set universe, it might help to start each post's name with the universe/fandom name. For instance; Harry Potter: Original Character's Introduction. Not a set rule. But it might help everyone else.
6) Be drinkable. When life is getting too much; be liquid. Be like clear water. Be cool. Be drinkable.

That's about it. We don't like to fuck around with people's creativity.

But MisterRage will NOT EVER HESITATE to delete/ban anyone causing too much trouble and/or posting things that fall too far outside of MisterRage's sensibilities. Trust MisterRage on this: That's gonna take a LOT.

7) Have fun.