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Is is possible for someone to live up to their own Legend? This is one of those questions asked more often in this day and age than, say, fifty years ago. We have the ability now to craft ourselves into anything we want to be and broadcast it to half the population of the planet in a matter of seconds. You can potentially receive more first impressions in a single personal ad than the number of actual people you'd meet in your entire life. With that kind of attention, there are bound to be people who are given near mythic abilities (well, as far as they can be bestowed in this day and age) in the minds of the masses.


For some of you, this will not be a name that you recognize. For a select few, this name has been with you since the beginning of your friendship with Aleph. She has gone from not being real to a force of fury that can barely be contained. We've all joked about who she may really be, but all of our minds eyes portray some form of super-being when we think of her. After all, we only know of her what Aleph tells us.

When I think of this Beth, I think of a woman who is a head taller than me, is nothing but pure muscle (which is, somehow still soft yet strong), and has the ability to crush a mortal mans skull with a normal headbutt. She's able to take extreme amounts of damage without shedding a tear, can eat strange foods that make me shiver quietly inside, and can speak two languages with little to no effort. She can exceed my endurance for drinking (and believe me folks, that's saying something!), could turn any man into a pile of jello at the mere hint of what she could do in the bedroom, and quite possibly melt your mind with her power of metal.The Beth of my mind is also a fan of Buffy, and this confuses me to no end.

There are stories that are told about her that we all seem to know. The time she cleaned her leg injury with vodka and didn't wince comes to mind with surprising ease. The melted glasses is another one. I find myself sitting here, with mere minutes to go, and nothing but a short ride up to Sea Tac ahead of me before I meet this person. Because of the space restrictions in my truck, she'll probably end up sitting between me and Aleph. I will have this persons leg pressed against mine for the trip. I'm pretty sure that the ride back will feel like seventeen hours (unless Beth can control time as well. But I doubt this...for now.).

We all want to meet her, but all of us are nervous about it. The reason why comes back to my opening question. Is it possible to live up to your own Legend? If Aleph has given you a similar image of Beth in your mind, then I wonder what he's told her about us.
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